Brighten your homes with free/infinite solar energy – STOP misusing electricity during day time for lighting

This is how one can bring home the solar light on to our ceilings and get free infinite light during day time and also generate power and get free light for about 4 hours after dark

Vasanthkumar Mysoremath IAAD(Retd)World Bank Honored Innovator for Project U-SEE at IDM 2007 competition held by World Bank

There is no electricity connection in this village. Author is seen Creating awareness in rural areas on how to brighten up their homes with infinite solar energy during day time and also get 4 hours of free light after darkness.

Mobile Base Model with mirror and a mounted photo voltaic panel that generates power, stores in the battery below for use after darkness - four bulbs can burn for nearly 4 hours

This is a model that cab be fixed to a window with extendable rod at the end of which a mirror is fixed with tilting socket for multi-storeyed buildings.

sunlight is deflected on to the ceiling which in turn lights up the room - lumins and flux depends upon the size of the mirror and brightness of the solar light. It can compare with 40 to 60 candles illumination

Another view of the solar light on the ceiling.

This is how a room of about 15'X15' looks with illumination by bringing home the sunshine on to the ceilings. Bulbs can be switched off, electricity saved, it is a win win situation. In many places there will be sunshine for nearly 260 days in a year.


Knowingly or unknowingly we are all partners in misusing of costly electricity for our lighting purpose during day time when the solar light is available just outside our windows. Why can’t bring home the sunshine?

Yes. This has been successfully adopted by a number of people in Bangalore, India. This innovative but simple method of bringing home the sunshine was suggested and was honored by the World Bank as a Grassroots Initiative for Preservation of Natural Resourcs during IDM-2007 competition – Project U-SEE (Unlimited Savings of Electrical Energy). U-SEE does not involve any nano technology nor does it requires billions of dollars for implementation. Moreover, U-SEE you get free lighting for life. No charges.

How is it implemented? U need a house hold mirror of 12'‘X18’' and a pillow. Identify where u can get maximum sunshine just outside the windows with clear glass or on the balcony, keep the pillow on a stool or chair and place the mirror on the pillow, go on nudging the mirror till the solar light is deflected from the mirror, through the window and on to the white ceiling inside your home. U will be surprised to find the light spreading from the ceiling – it can be 40 to 60 watts (see the picture above – notice tube light and table lamp in the corner are not burning but there is enough light). If u can keep a bigger mirror, u will get more bright light. U can control the light just by covering a portion of the mirror.
Earth moves on its latitude. When u find that the deflected solar light is moving elsewhere, just go to the mirror, nudge a little and u can get back your light as before. THIS IS THE BASIC IDEA and once u have done it, u be the Innovator of your light requirements for your home and U-SEE PROVIDES YOU FREE LIGHTING FOR LIFE. Many homes/huts in rural areas in developing countries do not have proper lighting and people are living in dark, damp and dingy environs but urbanites living in concrete jungles in cities with tinted glasses are misusing electricity for their lighting purpose even during day time.
U-SEE the Benefits: ONE incandescent bulb/tubelight burning for 6 hours during day time consumes 7 units of electricity in a month. If half the world can adopt U-SEE and switch off one bulb for 6 hours during day time, how much of electricity can be saved? Your guess is as good as mine + saves cost of fossil fuels, coal, water+saves cost incurred for machineries and equipments+saves overhead charges+saves transmission loss charges+saves the world from global warming (burning bulbs/CO2 etc) with n’th value+ U GET FREE LIGHTING FOR LIFE with n’th value. The savings that accrue can off set the load on our productive requirements like A/c, refrigerators, mixies, fans etc.
Solar light will be available at least for about 200 days in a year and it is infinite and why should we let it go waste? We are not harnessing this infinite energy. U-SEE is ssoo simple.
First adopt this method, innovate solutions if u face small problems. U be the winner. U-SEE It is a win win situation for all of us. Need clarifications, mail:

U-SEE – The author’s ambition is to spread this friendly initiative to one and all. No charges!!
Vasanthkumar Mysoremath, Mysore City, India – call: +91 80 9845950440


Protection/Preservation of natural resources


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